Hello and a very warm welcome.

The Brocade Sutra has been created as a space for fashion musings for a global audience.

Ever since I was five, I refused to wear the clothes my mother bought me. Not as a form of rebellion but because I felt they didn’t accurately capture my sensibilities. Needless to say, style has been inherently important to me. The problem only gets exasperated as I do this for a living (buyer for a luxury retailer).

The modern Indian woman of today wants her beautiful brocade lehenga but wears it with sky high Louboutins. She wants her style to be curated and the best of both worlds. Having grown up in small town India and now living in New York City, my affair with style has also become an amalgamation of two very different worlds.

This space will introduce you to a new way of viewing fashion from the Indian subcontinent and beyond. I will talk about my personal style, feature designers and products, inspirational people in the fashion business and report back on fun happenings in New York City.

I would love to hear any feedback that you may have, be your style therapist or collaborate on anything fashion.

I hope it will pique your interest and become the sutra that binds us. It is a love affair with fashion, from me to you!

xo, Avantika

What is The Brocade Sutra?

The Brocade Sutra is the thread that ties us together through the medium of global fashion.

Brocade– Dating back to the middle ages, it is a fabric that has been used the world over – from basic tapestry to ornate wedding wear.

सूत्र (Sutra) – Thread.

Have a question about something on the blog or comments on what I can improve? Would you like to collaborate?

I’d love to hear from you.