Blogger babes – A roundup of my favorites

My foray into blogging started by way of inspiration from many of the women on this list.

The image above may be simpler, considering some of her more recent work which has evolved into a very personal magazine. But I remember seeing the slightly blurred photo and the look in her eyes and I knew I was hooked. I was definitely a nay sayer when I first got to school in the States (when blogging was just picking up) and many people asked me why I hadn’t started working on one. To be honest, for a long time, I didn’t see the point of blogging – it looked like beautiful girls putting their best outfits forward. But then I came across Shini and Anh’s blogs and that totally changed my perspective on the business of blogging. They transcended the clothes into art and the amount of effort it takes to do that can never be taken lightly. So I decided to give you a round up of my favorite blogger babes and the reason I have major closet and style envy.

It is only fitting that I start with the woman who has made me love blogs – Shini Park of Park and Cube. Her website reads like a wine that has been perfected with time. It is personal, engaging and her abilities as a web designer speak for themselves. Everything she does is carefully curated and her shy smile won me over.

Anh of 9 to 5 chic is also one of the first bloggers whose work I really loved. She is the ultimate do-it-all as she has a full time job, blogs and is a mama bear to a beautiful baby girl and two pups. How she keeps her sanity is beyond me. I can barely do two things on that list and am exhausted! Her style is transient – as the blog name suggests. And is perfect to go from day to night.

Lainy at Haute inhabit is someone I discovered only a year ago but since then she has become my style staple. She mixes high and low with such NY ease that it’s hard not to fall for her easy charm.

The Girl from Fuss Rhea leaves me speechless. Her eye for detail and editorial composition is no less than what you find in the best fashion magazines. Mostly set in the oft forgotten parts of Goa, India, her blog is a visual delight.

Leonie at Ohh Couture writes from Berlin and has layering down to a science. It is her ability to do more-is-more and have it look so je-ne-sais-quoi simple that has me checking her page everyday.

Leandra as the Man Repeller needs no introduction. I consider her one of the best stylists of our generation. She is able to make light of any situation and brings her sharp wit to both her conversations and fashion sense.

Blaire of Atlantic-Pacific is always able to bring a sense of refinement to whatever she wears. Maybe its the preppy side of her that keeps the extravagant fashion choices from ever being over-done, but she never fails to impress with her #LOTD

My dear friend Serena at Life Styled by Serena has taken fashion and brought good taste to every aspect of our life. She has an astuteness for fashion both on and off the runway and takes her sartorial choices wherever she goes. (And may I just say that want to steal everything in her closet as well).

Nicole of Gary Pepper Girl is the Auzzie blogger who took the world by storm. You have to see her photos to believe that such a beautiful world exists around us every day. And I love her motto of “the glass is always half full”.

I don’t know what it is about these Auzzie babes but their photos and style are so visceral and raw. It’s like all the periods of history blend seamlessly into their wardrobes. Margaret Zhang at Shine by Three is the globe trekker who brings her unique world view to us everyday.

Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit has taken her minimal yet sharp sense of style and created her very own clothing line that is both affordable and seasonless. A woman with a sharp business mind, she styles her collection seamlessly with the unique finds of her wardrobe.

You know Olivia is going to take you on a trip any day of the week – as her site Lust for Life even has its own geo-targeted map based on her current location. Following her blog is seeing the world without ever having to leave your desk (okay so maybe you want to do that too).

A recent transplant to NYC from SF, Krystal of This Time Tomorrow is also an old favorite blogger of mine. It’s fun to see her fresh take on NYC these days and her style is so casual chic.

Last but certainly not the least we have Garance Dore, illustrator and comedian extraordinaire. I won’t talk about her work because it needs no introduction but I have to mention that she is one of the warmest and happiest people I’ve met. Her smile and warmth is genuine and knowing that, makes reading her blog that much more fun.

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