Something borrowed, something Blue

A couple months ago I said I would start blogging more regularly. But so much has happened since then that has taken precedence over the blog that I took a step back from doing what I love so much. Please know that I’ve missed being able to speak and connect with all of you. I felt like I was scraping the bottom for a while but it feels so good to be coming back up for air – I’ve managed to finally curb the blues.

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The world of Pankaj and Nidhi

I say this often but life has a funny way of bringing you just what you are looking for, when you least expect it. Pankaj and Nidhi are designers who my family and I have loved, worn and admired for many years. I had been meaning to reach out to them when lo and behold, a mutual friend made the introduction for us. Pankaj was too kind for words and got on the phone with me as I ate up into hours of his day talking up a storm. As they celebrate their ten year anniversary into design, I

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A mad dash guide to Miami

I’ve been trying to see a lot of America this year. And Miami had always been one of those cities high on the list to check out. So when a friend decided to celebrate his birthday there, a weekend away was the perfect excuse to check out Miami. For starters, it is unfair as to how beautiful the weather is there all the time and the water is the most perfect shade of blue/green I have ever seen. Not too crowded or rocky, it really is a great city to just hang out and

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Home is a precious place, it is a sanctuary, and it is wherever you feel most at peace. Moving to New York early on, I knew it was that safe space for me to explore who I was. But over time, the weight of everyday life caught on and I needed to find a place that was an escape from my escape. Funny how that plays out?! It isn’t just the externalities of life that were getting to me, my needs personally were changing too. I no longer feel that constant pressure to “see and

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The parallel worlds of Sabyasachi and Ralph Lauren

One of the many advantages of India today is it’s bustling middle class and a huge population with buying power under the age of 30. With education, comes awareness. And with the basic necessities of life addressed and put on the back burner, India is bursting with a brand conscious consumer. High street brands like Gap, H&M, Zara, Forever 21 and Ikea amongst others have long seen the opportunity this poses and worked hard to get the local laws to work in their favor. While having access to these brands locally rather than traveling to

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Red is the warmest color

Speaking of things on my New Year Resolution list, remember I mentioned reading being one of them? Leandra of The Man Repeller is a woman I not only admire but find incredibly relatable and funny. She is witty and smart and isn’t afraid to let her guard down, to let you learn through her journey. While a quick read, I enjoyed reading it a lot. Similarly Sophia is the real #girlboss and inspires me to be an entrepreneur everyday with her unique way of relating to women today.

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Fringe benefits

Happy New Year! As I get older, it seems I say this more and more – time seems to be running by like water. The start of 2016 is a big year for me. It is the year I’m going to turn thirty. One of the fringe benefits of this year is that it gives me time to contemplate and still act on anything I want to have ready for the next decade of my life.

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Porte Mode

What about our buying culture has changed over the past few years? Why has it become commonplace for us to shop at places like Etsy, Everlane, Reformation, etc which until recently were no name brands? What happened that caused a shift in our mass buying patterns? The answer for me has come in the form of looking for something unique. Social media has caused such mass fatigue, that from the time an image hits us from the runway to it coming in-stores, we have seen it featured so many times that we start craving for newness

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Holiday dressing

Chanel knew what she was talking about when she said a woman can never go wrong in a little black dress. It is at once elegant and the base canvas to either accessorize or continue to keep the look simple and chic. You know how when you go shopping with an outfit in mind and never manage to find anything? I personally always find it hard to shop for specific occasions. So now when I happen to come across an outfit I love but don’t necessarily have an immediate occasion for, I buy it anyway. 

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Cozy in camel

Winter dressing is all about classics. As I grow older, I consciously shop for classics rather than buying just fashion. Two basics that I recommend for every wardrobe are a camel coat in a heavy weight and a white shirt or dress to layer in the winter months.

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