A guide to Berlin

It’s not making mistakes that counts but instead what you do to avoid repeating them. I don’t think those words could be truer of any country than Germany at the moment, where they are taking great measures to help alleviate the migration crisis in Europe. One of my closest friends in the city is German. For the past five years, we have both talked about taking the other to visit our homelands and to see it through the eyes of a local.

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Leaves of grass

“There was never any more inception than there is now, Nor any more youth or age than there is now; And will never be any more perfection than there is now, Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.” -Walt Whitman

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Summers at Sanssouci

Located 30 minutes outside of Berlin, the town of Potsdam is home to Palace Sanssouci, a summer getaway created for the King of Prussia. Dowsed in Rococo architecture, this may not be talked about enough, but the World Heritage Site is a must see for anyone visiting Berlin. When one of my friends mentioned this as a the German Palace of Versailles, it quickly became the top must-see on my trip to Berlin. While Versailles is one big palace, the grounds of

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A is for Alaïa

“An a-what-a? It’s like a totally important designer.” Thank you Alicia Silverstone for introducing me to Azzedine Alaïa, long before I knew who he was. “The King of Cling” has come a long way from the streets of Tunisia. What I love about his clothes is the fact that each one is handmade and a work of art.

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A guide to London

London was one of the first big cities I visited abroad, when I was younger. It has everything you can want from a city – culture, food and every great store in the world. Since travel is one of the things I am happiest doing, I thought I’d create a guide to some of my favorite spots in the city for you.

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An Interlude

Since the inception of this blog, I have taken pride in the fact that I have maintained some semblance of a schedule and posted content regularly, despite times when things in my life were in upheaval. But of late, I've felt like I've had too much on my plate, personally and professionally - and my creativity has been spread really thin. For the first time though, I didn't feel guilty for not posting content or pressured to keep up with social media or the fear I would be forgotten if I didn't post for a few days. It may sound

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It's been a hell of a summer packed with the one thing I love more than fashion - lots of traveling! I just got back from Turkey last week but wanted to start with photos and experiences from the last trip. So first up we have one of my favorite memories from London - Pret-a-portea at The Berkeley. No color speaks London better than red so I chose to go with just that. The concept behind the "pret" tea is pretty simple.

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Fur Closure

Continuing the theme from last week, I wanted to show you another way to wear a trend from Fall 2015 - The Fur collar. But first, we must discuss the very contentious topic of fur itself. I don't buy or wear fur. But at the same time, I haven't been able to cut leather out of my closet - with clothes, bags or shoes. It off course is a very personal choice and I certainly don't want to sound like I have any authority to preach. But just like I don't believe in the idea of "Ethically sourced diamonds", I don't really

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Winter White

Winter white is one of the trends we spoke about last week. When I think of white - I imagine purity; something simple but something that can stand by itself...the only problem being the possibility of getting outfits messy really quick. But for this coming winter, I want nothing more that to wrap myself head to toe in white. It's an easy look to put together, as we all have plenty of white button down shirts and white jeans if nothing else. Add a structured grey coat and some thigh high boots and it is a look that will last

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Runway recap : Fall 2015 Trends

I hear it’s really hard to get a table at Brasserie Gabrielle. Even harder than those of us calling The Polo Bar everyday. As always, Chanel stole my heart with their theatrical genius and how seamlessly the clothes fit the mood of the season. The Fall/Winter 2015 collections gave us pretty clear trends to chase – and better yet, trends we don’t have currently in our closet (as someone working in retail, that’s always music to my ears). But the shopaholic in me is scared to contemplate the fate of my bank account at the end

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