Why the Sari

Playing house as little girls often do, I have the fondest childhood memories of sneaking into my mother’s freshly washed and ironed pile of saris, all the while trying to fathom how I would drape six yards of fabric around my little frame, in an effort to mirror what I saw as being quintessential woman. Cousin sisters would often come to my rescue by haphazardly tucking and pinning where possible to then somewhat give me the semblance of drape. We would then try to replicate the femininity with which our mothers, aunts and grandmothers effortlessly carried

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Dream, Girl

Dreams are a funny thing. Seven years ago today, I packed my bags, put all my belongings in a storage facility and bought a one way ticket to New York. In hindsight, was it a reckless choice? Yes absolutely. But would I have done it differently? Absolutely not. That’s the funny thing with dreams, when you choose to chase them, sooner or later, they do come true.

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Home is a precious place, it is a sanctuary, and it is wherever you feel most at peace. Moving to New York early on, I knew it was that safe space for me to explore who I was. But over time, the weight of everyday life caught on and I needed to find a place that was an escape from my escape. Funny how that plays out?! It isn’t just the externalities of life that were getting to me, my needs personally were changing too. I no longer feel that constant pressure to “see and

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The parallel worlds of Sabyasachi and Ralph Lauren

One of the many advantages of India today is it’s bustling middle class and a huge population with buying power under the age of 30. With education, comes awareness. And with the basic necessities of life addressed and put on the back burner, India is bursting with a brand conscious consumer. High street brands like Gap, H&M, Zara, Forever 21 and Ikea amongst others have long seen the opportunity this poses and worked hard to get the local laws to work in their favor. While having access to these brands locally rather than traveling to

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An Interlude

Since the inception of this blog, I have taken pride in the fact that I have maintained some semblance of a schedule and posted content regularly, despite times when things in my life were in upheaval. But of late, I've felt like I've had too much on my plate, personally and professionally - and my creativity has been spread really thin. For the first time though, I didn't feel guilty for not posting content or pressured to keep up with social media or the fear I would be forgotten if I didn't post for a few days. It may sound

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Runway recap : Fall 2015 Trends

I hear it’s really hard to get a table at Brasserie Gabrielle. Even harder than those of us calling The Polo Bar everyday. As always, Chanel stole my heart with their theatrical genius and how seamlessly the clothes fit the mood of the season. The Fall/Winter 2015 collections gave us pretty clear trends to chase – and better yet, trends we don’t have currently in our closet (as someone working in retail, that’s always music to my ears). But the shopaholic in me is scared to contemplate the fate of my bank account at the end

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On turning one

A year ago today, I embarked on a journey into the unknown. I felt a little like Red Riding Hood with a basket full of dreams walking into the wild. And the journey since then has been pretty spectacular.

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China through the looking glass – A review

I’ve been to a few of the Costume Institute exhibits at the MET. But China through the looking glass felt very different from the older exhibits. For one, it was enveloped across floors and woven through the existing pieces of Chinese art and artifacts at the MET. When you get that kind of context to the content you are seeing, it takes the experience to the next level. One look at the gold perfection created by Chinese couturier Guo Pei surrounded by centuries old sculptures says it all. 

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Blogger babes – A roundup of my favorites

My foray into blogging started by way of inspiration from many of the women on this list. The image above may be simpler, considering some of her more recent work which has evolved into a very personal magazine. But I remember seeing the slightly blurred photo and the look in her eyes and I knew I was hooked. I was definitely a nay sayer when I first got to school in the States (when blogging was just picking up) and many people asked me why I hadn’t started working on one. 

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Dior and I : A review

You know that feeling when something takes your breath away and fills you with a renewed fervor for something you hold very dear? That is exactly how I felt as I watched Dior and I, in complete awe of the genius of Raf Simmons, the women behind the scenes and the magical yet frantic world of Haute Couture.

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