Saying goodbye

Last week, I said goodbye to someone I love. He was a man who chased his dreams relentlessly and taught me to always chase mine. He was a man who had an appreciation for the finer things in life, things that were never served on a platter, things he worked hard to create everyday. He carried an air about him, had more style than anyone I know and paid attention to the tiniest of details. That man was my grandpa.

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Louis Vuitton editorials shot in India

Louis Vuitton seems to be having a love affair with Rajasthan for the second time this decade. First they shot the L’ame du voyage campaign at Jag Mahal in Udaipur in 2011. And now for their S/S 15 men’s campaign we find them in Jaipur. Both times, they have been able to capture the beauty and vivacity of these cities and the opulence that still remains from a time gone by.

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The renaissance of beauty – ad campaigns this year

While I believe that beauty always lies in the eye of the beholder, for the last decade, the images we have been inundated with couldn’t be further removed from the normal woman of today. These images from the different campaigns at Celine, Dolce and Gabbana and Saint Laurent come as a breath of fresh air. They celebrate beauty as it is – ageless and timeless. Add to the fact that these women are talented beyond belief and finally we are creating imagery that is a portrayal of who a woman should be.

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Happy 2015

Another one bites the dust. And it’s been one hell of a year. This is probably the first New Year’s Eve where I had no desire to celebrate in a big way. But instead I spent it with a very dear friend reminiscing about the moments of the year past – with the company of hottie Colin Firth (Bridget Jones Diary) in the background. Maybe it’s the great part of getting older, it’s easy to let the superfluous fall away.

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Panoplies by Vogue France

For the little girl in me who never grew out of her love for Barbies, this editorial of Panoplies by Vogue France is a fashion dream come true. Each box focuses on a different Panoplies or outfit and features a different brand. This all encompassing view of the lifestyle Barbie has me wanting to run back to my childhood and play dress up with these designers.

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The Sartorialist goes to India

Above are some photos The Sartorialist – Scott Schuman took on his recent trip to India. I’ve followed his work over the years and always lauded his ability to be a fashion anthropologist and see beyond the clothes. To catch glimpses of the wearer’s personality and show that there is more to dressing than meets the eye. Dress has been central to the culture of India and I think his photos beautifully illustrate that. But

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Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is one of the few times in my crazy life I put aside my everyday worries and take the time to cherish the simple (but most vital) things – family, friends and great food. In New York, where often people are away from family, we get together to create our version of a friendsgiving. No man is left behind and it is the perfect occasion to bring together new and old friends alike. Thanksgiving is also a great time to reflect on the occurrences of the year past.

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Spring 2015 Trends

It’s been a few weeks since we ended the shows and I wanted to review the key upcoming Spring 2015 trends for you. It has been decided that since I wasn’t around to live through the 70’s, the seasons upcoming trends will allow me to relive this decade front and center. What I love about what I saw come down the runways is an infused newness for our closets. I saw plenty of covetable pieces across all four cities.

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Empower II

  I spoke of empowerment here but wanted to continue this conversation with you. India is a polytheist society. One where we celebrate gods and goddesses alike. Yet when it comes to the place women hold in society, we often fall second. There were many times living there that disturbed me to my core. I could scoff some moments to childish folly but deep down even they laid the foundation for my moral framework – I knew I was a feminist.

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