The Goan Life

That feeling where the sun bakes your skin ever so slightly and you’re sipping on a nice cold coconut feni (a local drink that is quintessential to a visit in Goa) by the beach ?! The Goan life suits me well. I can’t help but smile every time I think of my trips to Goa, which have been quite a few in the past couple years. When I visit home, it is an easy destination to get to, being only an hour long flight from Bombay. It makes for the perfect family getaway as you

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Sabyasachi creates a sensory delight

Opium dens and a rose scented smell that lingers through the air, hand made chandeliers and dimly lit archways that lead you to mysterious rooms; the Sabyasachi store in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai can be summed up simply as a “sensory delight”. As anyone who loves fashion will tell you, I am a visual person. Being in a space that is thoughtfully done makes me just as happy as wearing a beautiful outfit. So you can imagine the extent of my elation when I was hit by a double whammy at the store –

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(Ghostly) white

I visited The Asiatic society in Bombay for the first time last month. The pristine white marble is hard to miss as you drive by the area. What few people know and I was really surprised to discover was that the building holds one of the only two surviving manuscripts of Divine Comedy written by Dante. (Maybe in a cosmic joke it seems apropos that this building is considered one of the most haunted places in the city). So given the information above, it should seem fitting that I showed up wearing a white shirt dress that

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Louis Vuitton editorials shot in India

Louis Vuitton seems to be having a love affair with Rajasthan for the second time this decade. First they shot the L’ame du voyage campaign at Jag Mahal in Udaipur in 2011. And now for their S/S 15 men’s campaign we find them in Jaipur. Both times, they have been able to capture the beauty and vivacity of these cities and the opulence that still remains from a time gone by.

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An Anamika Khanna Surprise

I don’t think there is anything that can be said about the genius of Anamika Khanna that hasn’t already been said. For me, she is a designer who has brought modernity to indian silhouettes without compromising on traditional embroidery. Also, never in the past did I deconstruct pieces of indian outfits and wear them interchangeably. Her clothes have allowed me the freedom to wear indian silhouettes easily with western clothes. My favorite being her dhoti pants with a blazer and tank top. (I’ll have to do a blog post on this for you).

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Holiday windows in New York

Instead of creating a holiday wish list or a shopping guide – I thought I’d give you a gift of a different kind. Nothing is quite as magical as Christmas in New York – be it skating in a white central park, walking through Rockerfeller center to see the tree or being surrounded by holiday cheer with families and friends in all the little cafes in the city. But more so, giving us the power to dream and get carried away are the holiday windows in the city. So I’ve put together my favorites from Saks, Bergdorf’s and Barneys this

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Divine Providence

I am so fortunate for having been able to see very different parts of America this year. One of the big things being the changing of the foliage in Providence, Rhode Island. I stayed at an idyllic boutique hotel called The Dean where attention to detail lies at the foundation of everything.  From the restaurant to the karaoke bar, your trip here will be well worth it.

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Every once in a while you discover the unexpected and learn you can love things you didn’t think you could. That is how I felt being in Austin. The year had all but drained me and I was desperately looking for a way out of the city for the weekend. So on a whim, I decided to visit Austin.

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Chicago is a city very dear to my heart. It was the city I first moved to when I came to the United States. Despite being a large city, it has managed to maintain a small town feel - that only adds to its charm.  No matter where you turn, you will find fashion and art in complete synergy here.   There is a little red jewel box of a store called Ikram that had me weak in the knees the first time I walked into it seven years ago. What I love about shopping

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The Pilgrimage

Every year between May and August, the fashion savvy of the world make their annual pilgrimage to what we call “The Costume Exhibit at the MET”. The exhibit since its inception has provided visitors with a retrospective on designers and themes in fashion. This year the exhibit focuses on the work of Charles James, an American couturier who believed in the art of form. Having seen some of his work in the past, I expected to walk in and see his signature statement gowns. What I didn’t expect was the technology associated with this exhibit.