Chasing my tail

There are some brands you instantly have a love affair with and a love affair you hope will last a lifetime. It’s no surprise that Chanel fits that mould perfectly. Monsieur Lagerfeld is pure genius – I think of him as what Steve Jobs was to the world of technology. He will have something walk down the runway and a few seasons later, the rest of the design world will realize his brilliance and follow suit.

I knew I had to have this tailcoat the second I saw it. From the Arab/Indian collection he showed in Dubai a few seasons ago, the detail on it from the top weave to the double lined tail with fringe to the Lemaire buttons, make it a true investment piece.

Over time I’ve stopped buying too much trend and rather buy pieces I can keep in my closet for a long time. It is at odds with what I do for a living everyday but it frees up my wallet to splurge on travel instead and still have plenty of great pieces to go back to.

There’s the simple concept of pay per use – wouldn’t you rather make the most out of an investment through repeated use than tax your money and the environment to consume and spend on things you don’t really need?

All photographs by Raja

Coat Chanel (black version here), Sweater and Pants Zara (similar here and here)

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