Dior and I : A review

You know that feeling when something takes your breath away and fills you with a renewed fervor for something you hold very dear? That is exactly how I felt as I watched Dior and I, in complete awe of the genius of Raf Simmons, the women behind the scenes and the magical yet frantic world of Haute Couture.

I first discovered his work as he was reinventing the image of the Jil Sander woman. His ability to make an extremely complex garment look effortless is one of the main reasons I have been a huge fan of his work. The movie not only demonstrates that but takes it further – giving us a front row view into the workings of this brilliant man and the weight of the house he leads.

It’s Raf’s humility and humaneness that really struck a chord with me though. He is clearly not someone who is not afraid to own his genius yet is not invulnerable to the critique that surrounds him. At one point in the movie, he talks about being labeled a minimalist at Jil Sander and that is not how he sees it at all. In the few seasons that have passed since he took the helm at Dior, he has beautifully dispelled that notion. In moments that span between the Dior built by Christian Dior and the new world today with Raf Simmons, director Frédéric Tcheng has managed to create a wonderful marriage between two very different people. It has easily become my favorite fashion movie to date, followed closely by The September Issue.

The soundtrack is an added bonus. For anyone who loves art in all its forms, this movie is a must-see.

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