Dream, Girl

Dreams are a funny thing.

Seven years ago today, I packed my bags, put all my belongings in a storage facility and bought a one way ticket to New York. In hindsight, was it a reckless choice? Yes absolutely. But would I have done it differently? Absolutely not. That’s the funny thing with dreams, when you choose to chase them, sooner or later, they do come true.

I met Komal in true New York fashion – through a friend at a dinner party in her first week here. She had just moved to the city to work on producing Dream, Girl. Time quickly slipped away and the next time I met her was at the screening of her movie at the best location for a movie screening one could imagine – the Paris Theater.

But so much had happened in the interim. She and filmmaker Erin had made and remade the movie and Komal had fought a very rare but treatable form of cancer. Through so much happening in her life, her dream and commitment to build something that empowers women and girls all around the world never wavered. She continued working on bringing this movie to life for all of us.

Dream, Girl is a movie that is not only seamless to watch, you cannot help but be carried away by the gravitas of its message. It is a movie very close to my heart. Spread across different backgrounds, ages and life situations, this movie shows you how you can never nor should you ever silence that voice deep inside you. Because that voice knows what you truly want and will find a way to lead you home.

Every story is carefully selected and told with so much love. As I sat there in the audience taking in the energy of these two women, I could not help but be amazed at how similar we all are to the calling of the voices inside us. And there they were on screen and in real life – smiling, happy, navigating life and living the real version of their dreams. I cannot recommend this movie enough to all of you and urge you to go out and see it. You can find the movie screenings here. And if you would like to host a screening in your home, place of work, university or some other location you fancy, simply reach out here.

I left the movie theater that night feeling slightly giddy and so empowered by all these strong and successful women, women who were building the careers of their dreams and answering questions they love solving everyday. Leaving the world a better place than how they found it.

And remember that exciting news I was talking about last week? The morning after I saw Dream, Girl, I got a phone call…and the phone call was an offer to the job of my dreams.



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