Summers at Sanssouci

Located 30 minutes outside of Berlin, the town of Potsdam is home to Palace Sanssouci, a summer getaway created for the King of Prussia. Dowsed in Rococo architecture, this may not be talked about enough, but the World Heritage Site is a must see for anyone visiting Berlin. When one of my friends mentioned this as a the German Palace of Versailles, it quickly became the top must-see on my trip to Berlin. While Versailles is one big palace, the grounds of

A is for Alaïa

“An a-what-a? It’s like a totally important designer.” Thank you Alicia Silverstone for introducing me to Azzedine Alaïa, long before I knew who he was. “The King of Cling” has come a long way from the streets of Tunisia. What I love about his clothes is the fact that each one is handmade and a work of art.


It's been a hell of a summer packed with the one thing I love more than fashion - lots of traveling! I just got back from Turkey last week but wanted to start with photos and experiences from the last trip. So first up we have one of my favorite memories from London - Pret-a-portea at The Berkeley. No color speaks London better than red so I chose to go with just that. The concept behind the "pret" tea is pretty simple.

Fur Closure

Continuing the theme from last week, I wanted to show you another way to wear a trend from Fall 2015 - The Fur collar. But first, we must discuss the very contentious topic of fur itself. I don't buy or wear fur. But at the same time, I haven't been able to cut leather out of my closet - with clothes, bags or shoes. It off course is a very personal choice and I certainly don't want to sound like I have any authority to preach. But just like I don't believe in the idea of "Ethically sourced diamonds", I don't really

Winter White

Winter white is one of the trends we spoke about last week. When I think of white - I imagine purity; something simple but something that can stand by itself...the only problem being the possibility of getting outfits messy really quick. But for this coming winter, I want nothing more that to wrap myself head to toe in white. It's an easy look to put together, as we all have plenty of white button down shirts and white jeans if nothing else. Add a structured grey coat and some thigh high boots and it is a look that will last

Jazzing it up at the 10th Anniversary Jazz Age Lawn Party

Going to the Jazz Age Lawn Party has been on my New York bucket list since I first moved to the city. Last year, I even came close – but an impromptu trip came up. So one of the first things I booked this summer was a spot in the sun on Governor’s Island. Despite what felt like the hottest day of the summer, we all queued up by the docks to catch a ferry to the island. Taking the ferry was half the fun. Even though Governor’s Island is pretty expansive, the

On turning one

A year ago today, I embarked on a journey into the unknown. I felt a little like Red Riding Hood with a basket full of dreams walking into the wild. And the journey since then has been pretty spectacular.

Frieze me

Okay, I apologize for starting this post with a very poor pun but it just had to be done. Earlier this summer I managed to make my way to Randall’s Island for the first time to witness Frieze Art Fair – where contemporary and modern artists and galleries from all over the world come to showcase their art. Before moving to New York, I had no appreciation for anything beyond Post-Impressionism. I failed to see the merit of pure ideas rather than just technique. After spending countless hours wandering the many galleries and seeing

Up, Up (state) and Away

Nothing quite beats the excitement of an impromptu getaway. For a weekend that is a given every year, you’d think I’d be better prepared with a getaway plan. But for some reason, 4th of July is always something I forget to plan around.  Though sometimes, getting into a car and driving into the wind is just what you need to get a break from city life. 

Paint me in Chanel

What is it about summer that makes everyone’s mood instantly better? Is it the freedom from multiple layers of clothing, the infusion of color everywhere, picnics in the park, the possibilities of long weekend getaways or lovers canoodling on park benches (le sigh)? For me, arrival of summer is the perfect blend of all of the above. Growing up in India and living in a constant baking summer, it took me a while to come back around to the idea of loving summer. But after the past few brutal NY winters, I couldn’t be