Flare Ups

Flare ups usually come with a scary connotation.

Thankfully when it comes to my jeans, they simply add to the fun! I didn’t grow up in the 70’s so all the trends we keep talking about and seeing around us seem fun and exciting to me. I went as far as the bell bottom but never the full flare when I was younger. More than anything,  it gives me and you a reason to shop for newness in our wardrobe. Okay okay so I’ve gone a little overboard with three pairs of black flared pants but I assure you each one is vastly different and very necessary for my wardrobe. I like the disproportion they bring because it’s easy to pair simple things back to the jeans or add to this exaggerated silhouette by OD-ing like me on the trends and going all out with the fringe, choker and flared leg jeans. Tell me it’s not overkill?!

Pants Tobi, Top Line and Dot, Choker Topshop, Shoes Dior (current T-strap obsession with these Gucci’s)

Some of my other favorite categories on Tobi’s website right now include

Red Dresses, Bras (to wear alongside this look paired with a blazer), Lace DressesPantsJewelry

This post was shot in collaboration with Tobi.
All images courtesy of Raja. 

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