Don’t give me the cold shoulder

How did this happen? When did I turn thirty? CRICKEY!! I can’t believe that the time has come and gone and I’m officially a decade older. Like most things we tend to build up in our heads, it was very anticlimactic. But it ended up being a day filled with a lot of love. My family and friends called me from all over the globe. My parents sent me one of the sweetest notes I have ever gotten and two of my closest friends treated me to the perfect New York evening.

Flare Ups

Flare ups usually come with a scary connotation. Thankfully when it comes to my jeans, they simply add to the fun! I didn’t grow up in the 70’s so all the trends we keep talking about and seeing around us seem fun and exciting to me. I went as far as the bell bottom but never the full flare when I was younger. 

Manus x Machina : Fashion in an age of technology

I’m always surprised by the fact that despite numerous houses showing collections for Haute Couture, there are roughly 1000 true Couture customers in the world who buy on a regular basis. And about 70% of that number comes from customers in the United States. When I think of Couture, I imagine exquisite clothes that someone has toiled over for hundreds of hours, to make. And Pret is a product of the industrial revolution and machines becoming a part of our daily life. So it was amazing to visit the new exhibit at

The not so terrible twos

I could have sworn that it was yesterday we were talking about the blog turning one. And here we are and the year has flown by and with it, so have my twenties. 

Dream, Girl

Dreams are a funny thing. Seven years ago today, I packed my bags, put all my belongings in a storage facility and bought a one way ticket to New York. In hindsight, was it a reckless choice? Yes absolutely. But would I have done it differently? Absolutely not. That’s the funny thing with dreams, when you choose to chase them, sooner or later, they do come true.