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I met Michelle Ranavat in classic social media fashion, through Instagram. She came to New York to chalk out the final stages of launching Ranavat Botanics and we met for a coffee date at the very pink Cafe Henrie (fitting it would seem given the beautiful imagery of her brand).

TBS: Tell us about Ranavat Botanics

Ranavat Botanics creates luxurious, efficacious skin treatments using certified organic Ayurvedic botanicals inspired by the beauty traditions from India’s lavish royal families.  Our line consists of 3 powder masques certified by Made Safe to be mixed with 3 USDA certified organic tonqiues created with the intent to address multiple skin concerns.  Our treatments are hand crafted in the USA and bottled in beautiful UV protected glass jars to preserve their inherent vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.

TBS: How did the brand come into existence?

I was always inspired by Indian Royalty and how 5,000 years ago they realized that what we put in and on our bodies can influence how we feel.  The Royals of India were obsessed with living eternally and used only the most fresh, organic and natural botanicals in their food and for their beauty rituals.  I truly believe we ALL deserve to use the fresh, efficacious skincare that has been passed down in our culture for thousands of years.

TBS: What does the name stand for? 

My family name Ranavat is from Rajasthan, India which means Land of Kings.  We stand for providing the most luxurious and efficacious skin treatments based on India’s rich beauty traditions.  Each ingredient has a story—we search the world’s most remote and exotic gardens to uncover our botanicals.  For example, our lavender blooms are hand-picked from the Himalayas, which gives them their unique sweet fragrance and added healing properties.

TBS: Getting all the approvals for outsourced product must have been hard. Tell us about the journey.

My background in Industrial Engineering has been instrumental in understanding supply chain and how to maintain high standards for raw materials and manufacturing.  When I visited India, I made sure to personally visit the farms and meet with the directors.  We also have very strict standards for paperwork and only work with farms that are certified organic by international organizations.

TBS: In a market so saturated, how are you different?

We are different because each skin treatment has a story behind it.   We truly love bringing traditions from India and sharing them with the world.  We have a unique apothecary approach to our treatments where the powder masques can be mixed and matched with the toniques to create fresh and customized experiences.  Also, each product is certified by either Made Safe (Masques) or the USDA (Toniques) which ensures you are experiencing the best.

TBS: How does it feel to run a global company?

I love it! One of my passions is traveling in search of the perfect ingredients.  I love that my job now brings me to India.  I am excited to travel to parts of India I have yet to discover and I’m looking forward to what treasures I will find next!

TBS: When are you launching and where can we get our hands on your product?

We are officially launching at Indie Beauty Expo in NYC on August 22nd.  If you attend the show, we will be selling at “Trade Indie” and it is open to the public. Stay tuned on our mailing list (www.ranavatbotanics.com) and Instagram as we may have an exclusive pre-sale a few weeks prior.

TBS: What have you enjoyed most about creating the product?

The most valuable part of this experience has by far been the people!  Not only has my family been incredibly supportive and a wealth of knowledge, but industry professionals to bloggers and influencers like yourself- I have come across an amazing community of people that continue to inspire me.

TBS: How do you juggle being an entrepreneur and mom?

This is a tough one!  I can’t say I have the formula figured out—it’s a total work in progress.  By far the most important element has been to have the support of my husband Anil and my family.  Everyone has stepped up to help with the kids to really make this dream a reality.  At first, I always thought my boys made it more difficult to start a business, but they teach you how to balance and manage your life so that you are forced to step back and disconnect from work on a daily basis.  They are a huge component for my motivation, I want them to be really proud of me.

TBS: Any things you would advise on, now having built the brand?

The most valuable thing for me was to utilize the help of freelancers or agencies that have expertise in a certain area. While at first it may seem like a more expensive route, they truly are masters at their craft and I have found that it is can actually be more cost effective because they are so good at what they do.  Organizations like Bossladies Magazine have helped me identify these talented women and it’s been a pleasure working with everyone.

TBS: Where can we follow you on social?

@ranavatbotanics – please join us on our journey as we bring these precious skin treatments from around the world, right to your vanity.  It is my personal mission to truly create the best and do justice to India’s rich history. Also, stay tuned to shop the website here.

All images courtesy of Ranavat Botanics

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