Sabyasachi creates a sensory delight

Opium dens and a rose scented smell that lingers through the air, hand made chandeliers and dimly lit archways that lead you to mysterious rooms; the Sabyasachi store in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai can be summed up simply as a “sensory delight”.

As anyone who loves fashion will tell you, I am a visual person. Being in a space that is thoughtfully done makes me just as happy as wearing a beautiful outfit. So you can imagine the extent of my elation when I was hit by a double whammy at the store – surrounded by rooms and rooms of couture and interiors that made me want to permanently move in.

But then guess what happened? I met the man himself.

I will not do justice to describe the talent that is Sabyasachi.  He is humble, confident and self assured all at the same time. Add in talent and here is a man who will really leave you speechless.

He spoke to me about the challenges he faced while opening the store (he pushed back the opening by two months as the incense that fills the store was delayed in production) and his particular need for detail.  That detail is evident in every little corner of this versailles-esque store but he gives it his unique flair.

Mr. Mukherjee, you already had me fall for your clothes but now I have fallen for your individuality too.  Thank you so much for allowing me free reign of your beautiful store. It was a priceless memory that I will cherish for quite some time to come.

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