Meet illustrator and graphic designer Shweta Malhotra

Illustration and its connection to fashion can be traced back to the very inception of design itself. International fashion illustrators like Garance Dore and The Lust List have been popular for quite some time now. But I missed seeing that art of illustration translated on the Indian scale with such amazing pieces coming down the runways back home. To my joy, I was introduced to the work of Shweta Malhotra who is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Delhi. She has a knack to make complex garments look clean, without losing authenticity of the designer’s original creation. As I am mid-decorating my apartment, I cannot wait to have her work on my living room gallery wall.

TBS: Was design always a part of your life? How did you get into graphics?

SM: I was born and brought up in Bombay. After graduating in Applied Arts from Sophia Polytechnic in 2004, I started out as an Art Director with advertising agencies like McCann Erickson, Contract Advertising and Ogilvy. In Feb 2008, after a short stint at Fabrica (Benetton’s Visual Arts Research Centre in Italy), I decided to pursue a career in Graphic Design and have since worked with firms like Grandmother India and Rediffusion Y&R Design. After working across ad agencies and design studios for close to 8 years, I decided to branch out on my own and currently work as an independent graphic designer.

TBS: In a time it was unconventional to do graphics for a living, you took the plunge. Tell us about your journey. 

SM: I started out with advertising technically as an art director. After a short stint at Fabrica I decided to pursue graphic design and continued work on my craft. I didn’t actually think it was very unconventional, but India does have a long way to go, to evolve in terms of Graphic Design.

TBS: Who are some of your favorite designers? What do you look for when looking for design inspiration?

SM: Currently my favorite graphic designers would have to be Craig and Karl. I have a keen interest in design for lifestyle, music and in particular, fashion. As a result of this, I’m always trying to marry the 2 in different ways – fashion communication, illustrations, textile prints etc. Craig and Karl are graphic artists I look up to for their graphic and bold design aesthetic and the fact that they do great work in design for fashion as well, which all started for them at Colette. I hope to be in that space some day.

To me inspiration comes from a lot of things. Travelling to new places, meeting new people, having experiences out of my comfort zone, reading and being aware of what’s going on in all areas all over as much as I can, being up to date, being observant and essentially absorbing as much as I can everywhere I go.

TBS: Any advice for students looking to pursue a career like you? 

SM: Design to me is a passion and not a job. So if it’s what you love to do and are passionate about it I’d say go for it.

TBS: Your favorite places in Delhi for design inspiration? 

Delhi is full of culture starting from its history to the creative scene.There’s always some sort of creative event/pop up/concert on, whether its  music, food, art, fashion, graphic design or photography.The city has been amazingly inspirational for me.Besides the places, people here are so inspiring as well. I’ve been really lucky to have met a great set of people in Delhi. There’s an experimental and collaborative creative culture here – people wanting to do exciting things and going out and chasing them.

TBS: Where can we view your work online? Where can we order it?

SM: My online shop for Art Prints is coming soon. In the meantime my work is on my website and

To view all prints go to  –

TBS: Where do we follow you on social media?

I am available on Instagram and Facebook.

A very special thank you to Shweta for partnering on this post and for making me my personalized illustration.

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