Red is the warmest color

Speaking of things on my New Year Resolution list, remember I mentioned reading being one of them? Leandra of The Man Repeller is a woman I not only admire but find incredibly relatable and funny. She is witty and smart and isn’t afraid to let her guard down, to let you learn through her journey. While a quick read, I enjoyed reading it a lot. Similarly Sophia is the real #girlboss and inspires me to be an entrepreneur everyday with her unique way of relating to women today.

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Holiday dressing

Chanel knew what she was talking about when she said a woman can never go wrong in a little black dress. It is at once elegant and the base canvas to either accessorize or continue to keep the look simple and chic. You know how when you go shopping with an outfit in mind and never manage to find anything? I personally always find it hard to shop for specific occasions. So now when I happen to come across an outfit I love but don’t necessarily have an immediate occasion for, I buy it anyway. 

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Cozy in camel

Winter dressing is all about classics. As I grow older, I consciously shop for classics rather than buying just fashion. Two basics that I recommend for every wardrobe are a camel coat in a heavy weight and a white shirt or dress to layer in the winter months.

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Winter White

Winter white is one of the trends we spoke about last week. When I think of white - I imagine purity; something simple but something that can stand by itself...the only problem being the possibility of getting outfits messy really quick. But for this coming winter, I want nothing more that to wrap myself head to toe in white. It's an easy look to put together, as we all have plenty of white button down shirts and white jeans if nothing else. Add a structured grey coat and some thigh high boots and it is a look that will last

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An intimate look at Shivam Punjya, founder of label behno

Shivam Punjya is the odd man on the fashion scene. But that may be precisely why he has the ability to change the perception of what fashion stands for today. With an enviable background in political economics and global health, he understands the core of what ethical entrepreneurship means and the repercussions that come with it. As founder of behno (a term of endearment to symbolize sisterhood and the name used to address each other by the garment workers in his factory) he is creating a new way of approaching business. TBS : You

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