Colorblocked spring

Color blocking is a trend I hadn't experimented with a lot till this beautiful blanket scarf from Zara walked into my life. When I first bought it, I thought it might have been overambitious to wrap up a blanket around my neck - as I traverse the NYC snow. But it was oddly manageable. Now that the weather has let up, I am having so much fun interpreting this scarf in different ways. Here I wore it simply like a blanket. I've also worn it with a high waist broad belt to give it some functionality and simply as a wrap. It's versatile

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A cold winter day in Chicago

  I’ve always loved tonal dressing and try to play off the same family of colors as much as possible. Here I’ve played with three variations of pink. The seriousness of the pleats is softened by the silk and the faux fur adds another element of softness. I’ve always tried to get more use out of my summer wardrobe by layering in the fall. A fun note about the ring – it was used by queens in the olden days to monitor the going in and out of strangers inconspicuously. I had been searching for it for the past few

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The renaissance of beauty – ad campaigns this year

While I believe that beauty always lies in the eye of the beholder, for the last decade, the images we have been inundated with couldn’t be further removed from the normal woman of today. These images from the different campaigns at Celine, Dolce and Gabbana and Saint Laurent come as a breath of fresh air. They celebrate beauty as it is – ageless and timeless. Add to the fact that these women are talented beyond belief and finally we are creating imagery that is a portrayal of who a woman should be.

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