Chasing my tail

There are some brands you instantly have a love affair with and a love affair you hope will last a lifetime. It’s no surprise that Chanel fits that mould perfectly. Monsieur Lagerfeld is pure genius – I think of him as what Steve Jobs was to the world of technology. He will have something walk down the runway and a few seasons later, the rest of the design world will realize his brilliance and follow suit. I knew I had to have this tailcoat the second I saw it.

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Paint me in Chanel

What is it about summer that makes everyone’s mood instantly better? Is it the freedom from multiple layers of clothing, the infusion of color everywhere, picnics in the park, the possibilities of long weekend getaways or lovers canoodling on park benches (le sigh)? For me, arrival of summer is the perfect blend of all of the above. Growing up in India and living in a constant baking summer, it took me a while to come back around to the idea of loving summer. But after the past few brutal NY winters, I couldn’t be happier to meet my

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A dash of snow

For weeks now, we’ve been getting teasers of spring. But the second I think it is time to put my coats away, another cold wave sweeps into the city and we get a dash of snow. On a cold sunday, I met some friends for brunch around Central Park and wore this menswear inspired look.

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The Goan Life II

I often ask myself what it is about travel that I love so much and have found that it has become a very cathartic process for me. I'm one of those people who is always in a frenzied New York state of mind - going a million miles a minute, often leaving very little time for reflection. Travelling has become the breather I crave for, when city life becomes too chaotic. Goan life is that perfect blend of activity and solitude that I love in a holiday. This part of the hotel featured above takes you through the area surrounding the

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The Goan Life

That feeling where the sun bakes your skin ever so slightly and you’re sipping on a nice cold coconut feni (a local drink that is quintessential to a visit in Goa) by the beach ?! The Goan life suits me well. I can’t help but smile every time I think of my trips to Goa, which have been quite a few in the past couple years. When I visit home, it is an easy destination to get to, being only an hour long flight from Bombay. It makes for the perfect family getaway as you

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Empower II

  I spoke of empowerment here but wanted to continue this conversation with you. India is a polytheist society. One where we celebrate gods and goddesses alike. Yet when it comes to the place women hold in society, we often fall second. There were many times living there that disturbed me to my core. I could scoff some moments to childish folly but deep down even they laid the foundation for my moral framework – I knew I was a feminist.

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