Dvibhumi (of two earths)

What happens when you take someone from two different worlds (literally and metaphorically) and ask them to create something? Meet Vyshnavi, founder of label Dvibhumi. She was not afraid of following her gut and took a chance into the unknown. Retail is not an easy business and I applaud anyone who takes a giant leap of faith here to test their own potential.

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Meet illustrator and graphic designer Shweta Malhotra

Illustration and its connection to fashion can be traced back to the very inception of design itself. International fashion illustrators like Garance Dore and The Lust List have been popular for quite some time now. But I missed seeing that art of illustration translated on the Indian scale with such amazing pieces coming down the runways back home. To my joy, I was introduced to the work of Shweta Malhotra who is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Delhi. She has a knack to make complex garments look clean, without losing authenticity of the designer’s original creation.

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In conversation with Sayon who designs wooden opticals and sunglasses

Sayon Chatterjee is the man behind label Sayon. He hand makes wooden opticals and frames – each bespoken for you. He has created a niche in the underserved eyewear space in India and takes it one step further by using locally sourced wood as the base for his products. I was caught by the simplicity of his designs and their high level of quality. Speaking of creating “The Brocade Sutra” – he is sold here in NYC at Saks. He walks us through the naissance of Sayon.

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Nihar Sait and Sana Rezwan Sait are the husband wife duo behind the newly launched site Indelust. I had been following their work for some time and had emailed them to discuss the possibility of meeting to talk about Indelust. Serendipitously and in true New York fashion, I ran into them the very same evening. Not only are they extremely talented, their warmth and autheticity immediately catch you off guard. (And at the risk of embarrassing them both, the most endearing thing about them is they still can’t keep their eyes off each other.)

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