Sabyasachi creates a sensory delight

Opium dens and a rose scented smell that lingers through the air, hand made chandeliers and dimly lit archways that lead you to mysterious rooms; the Sabyasachi store in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai can be summed up simply as a “sensory delight”. As anyone who loves fashion will tell you, I am a visual person. Being in a space that is thoughtfully done makes me just as happy as wearing a beautiful outfit. So you can imagine the extent of my elation when I was hit by a double whammy at the store –

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(Ghostly) white

I visited The Asiatic society in Bombay for the first time last month. The pristine white marble is hard to miss as you drive by the area. What few people know and I was really surprised to discover was that the building holds one of the only two surviving manuscripts of Divine Comedy written by Dante. (Maybe in a cosmic joke it seems apropos that this building is considered one of the most haunted places in the city). So given the information above, it should seem fitting that I showed up wearing a white shirt dress that

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