Something borrowed, something Blue

A couple months ago I said I would start blogging more regularly. But so much has happened since then that has taken precedence over the blog that I took a step back from doing what I love so much. Please know that I’ve missed being able to speak and connect with all of you. I felt like I was scraping the bottom for a while but it feels so good to be coming back up for air – I’ve managed to finally curb the blues.

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Fur Closure

Continuing the theme from last week, I wanted to show you another way to wear a trend from Fall 2015 - The Fur collar. But first, we must discuss the very contentious topic of fur itself. I don't buy or wear fur. But at the same time, I haven't been able to cut leather out of my closet - with clothes, bags or shoes. It off course is a very personal choice and I certainly don't want to sound like I have any authority to preach. But just like I don't believe in the idea of "Ethically sourced diamonds", I don't really

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Feeling blue

Be careful what you wish for or so they say. The scorching New York summer is finally here and will shortly make room for a very rainy July. It’s been nice to have an excuse to stay indoors and work on setting up my new apartment (I am so excited with the progress and cannot wait to show you pictures once it’s complete). Maxi’s are great – they look chic and yet are airy and easy to style. This jersey piece from Namrata Joshipura is just what the weather gods ordered for super hot days and

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