Paint me in Chanel

What is it about summer that makes everyone’s mood instantly better? Is it the freedom from multiple layers of clothing, the infusion of color everywhere, picnics in the park, the possibilities of long weekend getaways or lovers canoodling on park benches (le sigh)? For me, arrival of summer is the perfect blend of all of the above. Growing up in India and living in a constant baking summer, it took me a while to come back around to the idea of loving summer. But after the past few brutal NY winters, I couldn’t be happier to meet my

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Feeling blue

Be careful what you wish for or so they say. The scorching New York summer is finally here and will shortly make room for a very rainy July. It’s been nice to have an excuse to stay indoors and work on setting up my new apartment (I am so excited with the progress and cannot wait to show you pictures once it’s complete). Maxi’s are great – they look chic and yet are airy and easy to style. This jersey piece from Namrata Joshipura is just what the weather gods ordered for super hot days and

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Sheer Magic – Lingerie as outerwear

So yes, this little sheer number is a bit risqué to think of wearing outdoors (yet don’t ask me how many times I’ve seen it around NYC). I decided to try it myself and I’m pretty sure I still don’t have the courage to wear it out in public..but it made for some beautiful photography around the apartment. The thing I learnt is that the magic lies in layering.

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The Goan Life III

For the last bit of my goan life tour for you, I wanted to take you through some of the more romantic elements of this hotel. Pepto Bismol pink seemed like the best place to start, to pop the blue of my skirt (mom and I ran around the property discovering one prettier spot to shoot from another).

The Goan Life II

I often ask myself what it is about travel that I love so much and have found that it has become a very cathartic process for me. I'm one of those people who is always in a frenzied New York state of mind - going a million miles a minute, often leaving very little time for reflection. Travelling has become the breather I crave for, when city life becomes too chaotic. Goan life is that perfect blend of activity and solitude that I love in a holiday. This part of the hotel featured above takes you through the area surrounding the

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Valentine’s day look from day to night

Happy Valentine’s day ladies. While I am not a believer in giving into Hallmark propaganda , I love the idea of dressing up for a day that celebrates love. So for my Valentine’s day outfit, I chose this look that is easy to transition from day to night. I started out with a double breasted blazer that helps tone down the pop of red the skirt provides and the florals in the blouse, to make it work appropriate. I recently bought the Proenza Schouler bag (available on sale here) and it is the first shoulder bag that

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(Ghostly) white

I visited The Asiatic society in Bombay for the first time last month. The pristine white marble is hard to miss as you drive by the area. What few people know and I was really surprised to discover was that the building holds one of the only two surviving manuscripts of Divine Comedy written by Dante. (Maybe in a cosmic joke it seems apropos that this building is considered one of the most haunted places in the city). So given the information above, it should seem fitting that I showed up wearing a white shirt dress that

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Divine Providence

I am so fortunate for having been able to see very different parts of America this year. One of the big things being the changing of the foliage in Providence, Rhode Island. I stayed at an idyllic boutique hotel called The Dean where attention to detail lies at the foundation of everything.  From the restaurant to the karaoke bar, your trip here will be well worth it.

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