China through the looking glass – A review

I’ve been to a few of the Costume Institute exhibits at the MET. But China through the looking glass felt very different from the older exhibits. For one, it was enveloped across floors and woven through the existing pieces of Chinese art and artifacts at the MET. When you get that kind of context to the content you are seeing, it takes the experience to the next level. One look at the gold perfection created by Chinese couturier Guo Pei surrounded by centuries old sculptures says it all. 

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The Pilgrimage

Every year between May and August, the fashion savvy of the world make their annual pilgrimage to what we call “The Costume Exhibit at the MET”. The exhibit since its inception has provided visitors with a retrospective on designers and themes in fashion. This year the exhibit focuses on the work of Charles James, an American couturier who believed in the art of form. Having seen some of his work in the past, I expected to walk in and see his signature statement gowns. What I didn’t expect was the technology associated with this exhibit.