The Goan Life III

For the last bit of my goan life tour for you, I wanted to take you through some of the more romantic elements of this hotel. Pepto Bismol pink seemed like the best place to start, to pop the blue of my skirt (mom and I ran around the property discovering one prettier spot to shoot from another).

The Goan Life II

I often ask myself what it is about travel that I love so much and have found that it has become a very cathartic process for me. I'm one of those people who is always in a frenzied New York state of mind - going a million miles a minute, often leaving very little time for reflection. Travelling has become the breather I crave for, when city life becomes too chaotic. Goan life is that perfect blend of activity and solitude that I love in a holiday. This part of the hotel featured above takes you through the area surrounding the

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Every once in a while you discover the unexpected and learn you can love things you didn’t think you could. That is how I felt being in Austin. The year had all but drained me and I was desperately looking for a way out of the city for the weekend. So on a whim, I decided to visit Austin.

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Chicago is a city very dear to my heart. It was the city I first moved to when I came to the United States. Despite being a large city, it has managed to maintain a small town feel - that only adds to its charm.  No matter where you turn, you will find fashion and art in complete synergy here.   There is a little red jewel box of a store called Ikram that had me weak in the knees the first time I walked into it seven years ago. What I love about shopping

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