Up, Up (state) and Away

Nothing quite beats the excitement of an impromptu getaway.

For a weekend that is a given every year, you’d think I’d be better prepared with a getaway plan. But for some reason, 4th of July is always something I forget to plan around.  Though sometimes, getting into a car and driving into the wind is just what you need to get a break from city life. Some friends and I found a cosy spot on a map upstate and decided to see where it would take us. The trip started with losing cell reception – a small thing, but made such a huge difference in the quality of our conversations. It allowed me to take in the beauty of everything I was surrounded by. And my, was there so much of it. I can’t believe I took so much of it for granted all these years – the wine trails, the breweries, the state parks and the endless miles of pristine farmland. We spent the night in the Finger Lakes area and hiked the Watkins Glen State Park the next day. Maybe I’ve been away from the grandeur of mother nature for too long, but it left me completely speechless. Such imperfect perfection, the light of the sun rays cutting through the trees and that feeling that nothing is too great in comparison to “this”.

Our drive back led to the discovery of the Corning Museum of Glass. And if the photos of the parks aren’t incentive enough, a visit to this museum has to be a must-see on any New Yorker’s bucket list. An idea is only as good as its execution. Seeing artists from all over the world take a simple medium – glass and make it a million other things just unleashed a world of imagination and creativity. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover how packed yet refreshing just taking the time to disconnect could be.

All those poems about getting lost to be found aren’t overrated after all.

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