Nitya Arora is the designer behind contemporary label Valliyan by Nitya Arora. Her take on jewelry is very unconventional with a focus on creating one-of-a-kind art. The fact that whenever I wear her pieces, people ask me where the jewelry is from, shows the universal appeal to her designs.

Plated in gold, she uses a wide variety of materials to experiment with. I love her interpretation of the more traditional pieces by making them wearable in my everyday wardrobe. Statement jewelry is such an easy way to update your wardrobe and with Valliyan, you have plenty of options to choose from.

What does Valliyan stand for? And what is it’s personal connection to you?
My first association with jewelry was as a child and my grandmother gave me a pair of gold hoops (Valliyan in Punjabi). I have ghee running through my veins – I’m that punjabi,  so the name works.

Who is the Valliyan woman?
NA She is artistic, ambitious, dreamy, adventurous, free spirited and a connoisseur.

Your jewelry is an eclectic mix of the world. Where do you derive inspiration from?
NA Art, architecture, vintage textiles, interior spaces, nature and my grandmother.

In the time that we spoke, I was at once captured by your love for the craft of jewelry making. What led you here?
NA My love for design and boredom after graduating from college.

Each piece of your jewelry is visually stunning and makes a bold statement. What is the best way to incorporate this into our wardrobes?
NA The jewelry is very textured so it is a lot of fun juxtaposing it with prints. But if you’re not very adventurous then just stick to solids. The best way is to treat your look like art and mix mediums like metal (jewelry), fabric (clothes) and leather (shoes and bags).

In the debate between fashion versus fine jewelry – do you ever see yourself crossing over?
NA For me design in all forms is important. Fashion is everywhere. I want to design spaces now. Maybe fine jewelry at some point.

With fashion becoming so global – what is the sutra that ties you to fashion?
NA I think it is the genetic sutra. I have inherited strong genes from my grandmother. Art and design is in my blood. Her wardrobe was the best I have seen in my life. She was a very stylish woman.

Where can you buy Valliyan online?

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